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Re: Octave 2.1.35-10 for OS X:Keyboard Problem

From: Per Persson
Subject: Re: Octave 2.1.35-10 for OS X:Keyboard Problem
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2002 19:53:45 +0100

I'm pretty sure that this is not a problem with octave, and you are probably more likely to find an aswer on the fink-users mailing list.

Having said that, there are few more pieces of inforamtion that you could provide: 1) Are you running octave from an xterm under XWindows or from the Terminal under Aqua? Do they expose the same behaviuor? 2) If you installed octave via fink, you'll have gnuplot too. Does the same thing happen if you run gnuplot from the command line? (Both rely on readline for their input.)
3) What internationalization do you have (OS/kbd)?

If '[' works in Terminal but not in an xterm, it is most likely an X11 key-mapping issue. This is even more likely on a non-american kbd/localized system.


On Sunday, December 1, 2002, at 04:45 PM, First Last wrote:

Dear Octave Support

After installing Octave with Fink on a Darwin 6.1 PPC machine and while
running Octave its imposible to get the left square bracket [ output

The right square bracket character ] outputs ok
The character { found on the same key as [ functions ok

To try to solve the problem, different keyboard configurations were used experiencing the same behaviour.

Due to the importance of the referenced character could you please inform me how to solve this problem?

Kind Regards

Per Persson
Blekinge Institute of Technology
Dept. of Signal Processing and Telecommunications

e-mail: address@hidden

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