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Re: Communications related functions

From: Mark Esplin
Subject: Re: Communications related functions
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 10:36:26 -0800 (PST)

        If you download and "untar" the octave source
package, there is a subdirectory called examples that
has several .cc examples.  You will also need to get
the source to get the header files and scripts that
you need.

                     -Mark Esplin

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Subject: Communications related functions
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 11:42:59 -0600
From: Siddharth Mathur <address@hidden>
To: <address@hidden>


I have noticed that Octave lacks any kind of Digital
Communications functions as of date.
Has anyone started work on this?
Also,if I decide to write dynamically linked functions
in C for the same,are there any HOWTOs available? How
are the arguments and return
values passed between the octave environment and the C
function? Some APIs similar to Matlab's mex functions


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