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problems with figure and subplot

From: Kirsten Warrach
Subject: problems with figure and subplot
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 11:42:52 -0600


I've just installed octave-2.0.16 on my workstation (UNIX) and assured
it calls the gnuplot3.7 , the terminal type set to 'x11' and it is
gnuplot_has_multiplot = 1
gnuplot_has_frames = 1   
But the commands figure() and subplot() cause problems:
octave:1> figure(1)
ans = 1

but no figure window pops up, if I do plot(a) a window with the plot
opens, but also
when I then do figure(2) and then plot(b) it only overwrites the first

Then I tried a matlab-plotting routine with 4 subplots ( which works
well under matlab),
but it fails to draw the 3rd subplot in the right panel.

Now I wonder if anybody could help me,

Kirsten Warrach

(e-mail: address@hidden)

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