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Re: fyi: pl_plot and whitespace_in_literal_matrix

From: Douglas Eck
Subject: Re: fyi: pl_plot and whitespace_in_literal_matrix
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 10:00:33 +0100
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John W. Eaton wrote:
On  8-Mar-2002, Douglas Eck <address@hidden> wrote:

| Douglas Eck wrote:
| > For reasons I cannot remember, presumably matlab compatability, I had
| > whitespace_in_literal_matrix = "traditional"
| > in my .octaverc
| | It also looks like prefer_column_vectors needs to be 1

For what?

If you mean that some scripts that are part of Octave depend on having
prefer_column_vectors set to 1, can you say which ones?  They should
be fixed to work no matter what the settings are.


Sorry for such a vague post, John (and other readers). The plplot demos do
not run with my configuration with prefer_column_vectors = 0
(debian sid running octave-plplot and latest 2.1 octave packages)
The problem is somewhere in plplot_octave.oct and so I'm not getting a trace.
I'm sure it's an easy fix but I don't have time today to track it down. 
x and y need to be column vectors.

If you set prefer_column_vectors = 1 and run plplot_octave_demo.m
everything works fine.

If you set prefer_column_vectors = 0 and run plplot_octave_demo.m
you see this:

Some demos print instructions, so keep this window visible.

Press any key to continue...
Demo x01c
Plplot library version: 5.0.2
 [My note: here is where we call plplot_octave from plpoin line 1038]

error: dimension mismatch in argument x
error: called from `plpoin'
error: called from `plot1'
error: called from `go'
error: near line 213 of file `/usr/share/doc/octave-plplot/examples/x01c.m'
error: near line 27 of file 

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