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large memory limitations

Subject: large memory limitations
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 12:30:20 -0600

some time ago I had a posting concerning a 64bit executable of octave.

I received the message that some guys (or girls ...) have a
64bit alpha linux binary.

Unfortunately 64bit does not mean unlimited memory:

Together with HP (thanks to their hard work) we tried to create a 64bit
for HP-UX.  For the first efforts we used gcc-3.0.2.

Despite of some other details we figured out that octave
uses for internal pointering integer values who are by default
4 byte words. Which means octave CANNOT create a columnvector
larger then 2^31GB. For 2D arrays the limitation still
exists according to the size of ONE dimension.

These limitations seem to be somewhere in
iboctave/Array{2,N}.cc where they are limited to INT_MAX=2^31.

We have a large machine here and want to use it.

Does anybody have similar experiences?
Can anybody help us here, these seems to be quite inside stuff?
Would it be a problem (despite some more memory) to use ONLY "long int"
instead of "int". So we will not run into a problem within the next
decade .....

I will post the details of the porting efforts later on, once we have 
reviewed the details and have a little
bit more confidence of what we did ......

thanks, daniel

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