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"gset output 'filename'" question

From: Davide Cavallari
Subject: "gset output 'filename'" question
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 16:19:18 +0100
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Is it  somehow possible  to pass  a string variable  to the  "gset output"
command? I wrote  an octave script to plot  a graph in a file  and I would
like to pass that  file's name as an command line  argument of the script.
But if I try e.g.

filename = ""

the command

gset output filename

complains because it wants a literal, as in

gset output ''

What can I do?
    Davide Cavallari                
 *     Please skip to the bottom of this file if you ate lunch recently
 *                             -- Alan
        -- from Linux kernel pre-2.1.91-1

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