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Re: plot to file from executable script -problem refined

From: Pieter Thysebaert
Subject: Re: plot to file from executable script -problem refined
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 10:32:45 +0100

On Monday 28 January 2002 16:56, Pieter Thysebaert wrote:
> Hi,
> I've created an executable octave script to control my calculations;
> what's happening is this:
> hold on;
> for k=min:max
>     <calculate data(k)>
>     <create title(k)>
>      plot data(k) t title(k)
> endfor
> (this draws in an x11 window as it's calculations proceed)
> Now, I've appended these lines to the code (that's: after the for-loop)
> gset terminal postscript eps enhanced color
> gset output "output.eps"
> replot
> However, this seems to spit out the postscript code to stdout (and I wanted
> it in "output.eps") (and simply running "./scriptfile > output.eps" gathers
> ALL output (not just the graph) in the file)
> Why is that, and how do I get  the output where I want i.e. why doesn't
> replot do what I was thinking it would do when in non-interactive mode ?

Well, I've been able to narrow the problem:

I did not add gset output "output.eps" as a command, but rather

gset output filename

I figured that this would make filename a string-variable and the gset output
would work (doing similar things with a variable title, and then doing a
gplot data t title does work)

However, gnuplot seems to choke on it:
It says "filename expected", so I suppose octave is passing the variable name
rather than the contents of it (=the filename).

Can I plot to a file if its name is to be determined at run-time ?


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