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n-D arrays

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: n-D arrays
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 08:24:45 -0600

On 14-Jan-2002, G.W.M. Vissers <address@hidden> wrote:

| Am I right in thinking that there's currently no support for 3D or 
| higher-dimensional arrays in octave? That would be rather strange since 
| the basic classes (Array3, ArrayN) are there.

As you note, there is some support for them at the liboctave level.  I
don't think that's so strange.  It just means that some, but not all,
of the work has been done.

| Does anybody have an idea of the amount of work required to make it work?

More than I could do the time I last worked on it, and more than
anyone else has done since?  :-/

BTW, the Octave sources mailing list is for posting source code.  For
general discussion, try the help-octave mailing list instead.



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