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Latest CVS sources and CygWin

From: Paul Söderlind
Subject: Latest CVS sources and CygWin
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 09:48:11 +0100


It is possible to build Octave for Cygwin (current version, as of Jan 2002)
from the latest CVS sources - provided 2 manual changes are made. Maybe
someone can figure out why these are necessary and (if needed) change the
scripts. Here is a complete description of what works:

(1) ./
(2) edit and comment out the line $(MAKE) -C kpathsea (put # at start of line)
(3) ./configure
(4) edit config.status and Makeconf and delete the two occurrences
of -rdynamic
(5) make
(6) make install

Two comments:

The stuff fails to build and the make process is halted.
Commenting out as in (2) seems to solve that problem. BTW. why is the
kpathsea stuff there at all? Couldn't an already existing kpathsea library
be used instead (I have one from the teTeX installation, I believe).

The -rdynamic flag doesn't seem to be supported, and for some reason the
configure script fails to detect that.

I hope that this report can be of some use.


Paul Söderlind

Paul Söderlind
Stockholm School of Economics
PO Box 6513
SE-113 83 Stockholm

email: address@hidden,se

telephone: +46-8--7369161

Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

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