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xcov.m and xcorr.m bug?

From: E. Joshua Rigler
Subject: xcov.m and xcorr.m bug?
Date: 29 Oct 2001 17:42:07 -0700

Maybe I should be asking Paul about this directly, but I'll open it up
to anyone who wants to answer.

Both xcov.m and xcorr.m, from the octave-forge package, have the
following when the functions are passed three arguments:

  elseif nargin==3
    if isstr(maxlag), scale=maxlag; scale=[]; endif
    if is_scalar(Y), maxlag=Y; Y=[]; endif

Is there a reason "scale" is set, then changed back to a null array? 
This seems to be preventing me from passing a scaling method when I'm
attempting to calculate an auto-correlation/covariance.  It just seems
too deliberate to be a bug.


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