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help: typing 's' on keyboard beeps

From: Berni Joss
Subject: help: typing 's' on keyboard beeps
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 21:36:39 +0200

Using octave 2.1.33 or 2.1.34 I am unable to type the lowercase letter 's'
into octave's command window!
Whenever I hit the 's' key on the keyboard octave beeps, but otherwise ignores
the key code. As you would guess, this is quit annoying :-(

Uppercase 'S' (shift-key + 's') works fine!

octave 2.0.16 works fine.

Anybody has any clues about what might be happening?
Is this a known feature/bug? By the way I failed finding any list of known bugs
for version 2.1.33/34; is there one?

Any hints/help are much appreciated.
Thanks, Berni.

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