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Octave, gnuplot and Windows95

From: Blair Hall
Subject: Octave, gnuplot and Windows95
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 19:12:47 +0000

I have been trying to get gnuplot to work with octave without
success on Windows95 machine.

I have followed Craig Stoudt's advice in an earlier posting, which in essence is:

        gnuplot_binary = 'pgnuplot';

This does start gnuplot but unfortunately, gnuplot
receives a message to plot the temporaty file in 'C:/tmp/.....'
(ie the TMPDIR definition does not seem to be working).

Any suggestions as to what I may have done wrong?

Another thing that is not quite right is that I need to select the gnuplot
window (which is created by octave) and type something (anything, eg return) in order to get the piped
message to appear and be processed.

Also, I tried to use pipe-gnuplot but this failed with a couple of screens of error messages!?

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