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Can the octave library be used for non-octave binaries?

From: Stephen W. Juranich
Subject: Can the octave library be used for non-octave binaries?
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 14:05:36 -0700

I'm need a good matrix class implemented in C++.  I thought that the octave 
libs would be a good place for me to look.  However, including the right 
number/kinds of files is rather opaque.

So before I devote too much time to try and figure this out, I'd like to as a 
couple of questions.

1) Can liboctave.a be used to build non-octave execuables?
2) If so, what are the files that need #including and -llinking?
3) Are there any examples that I could look at and see what needs to get done?

Thanks to all who respond.  This is part of my thesis work, so of course any 
help is going to be MUCH appreciated.

Stephen W. Juranich                             address@hidden
Electrical Engineering   
University of Washington      

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