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Re: Problems installing on Solaris 5.8

From: Stephen W. Juranich
Subject: Re: Problems installing on Solaris 5.8
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 11:51:04 -0700

> dostop is defined in libcruft/misc/dostop.c and machar is defined in
> libcruft/misc/machar.c.  Were those files compiled when you built
> Octave?  What symbols are present in libcruft/misc/machar.o and
> libcruft/misc/machar.o?  Was F77_APPEND_UNDERSCORE defined correctly?

Thanks.  That appears to have been the problem.  Somehow, the autoconf script 
didn't do things exactly right the first time.  I had to do a 'make clean', 
then run autoconf again.  Now things are compiled and ready to go!

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Electrical Engineering   
University of Washington      

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