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Re: implementing filters

From: Matt Flax
Subject: Re: implementing filters
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 01:30:22 +1000
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Hi Josh,

I'm terribly confused your equation had no time differences in it ... just
plain 'k'. It also had no input signal.

... lets start again ....

Say you have a system defined by :

y(n) + SUM{ y(n-k)F(k+1) } = x(n)d(1) + SUM{ x(n-k)d(k+1) }
Where k>=1 and 1<=n<=length(x)

Well, here we have an input 'x' and output 'y'. 'k' are the time
differences and 'n' is the current point in time.

Generally you have to have at least one input ... even if it only happens
at time=0. It should also be a non zero input at ome point in time.


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