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Re: Number Precision

From: Etienne Grossmann
Subject: Re: Number Precision
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 20:56:58 GMT


From: Kent Nguyen <address@hidden>

# I would like to know how to increase the precision size of a result.  For 
# example, when I what to find the sqrt(2), the answer octave gave was 1.4142.  
# Rather I want to increase that precision to like 1.414213562.

  Use the output_precision and output_max_field_width variables : 

octave:57>  output_precision 
output_precision = 5
octave:58>  output_precision = 10
output_precision = 10
octave:59> sqrt (2)
ans = 1.414213562e+00
octave:60> output_max_field_width = 12
output_max_field_width = 12
octave:61> sqrt (2)
ans = 1.414213562
octave:62> help outpu
output_max_field_width  output_precision        
octave:62> help output_max_field_width 
output_max_field_width is a built-in variable

 - Built-in Variable: output_max_field_width
     This variable specifies the maximum width of a numeric output
     field.  The default value is 10.

octave:63> help output_precision       
output_precision is a built-in variable

 - Built-in Variable: output_precision
     This variable specifies the minimum number of significant figures
     to display for numeric output.  The default value is 5.



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