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MacOS X port, some progress, need help!

From: Per Persson
Subject: MacOS X port, some progress, need help!
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 13:20:42 +0200

my previous attempts to compile octave for MacOS X have failed due to a number of undefined symbols. (See e.g. and )

I finally got some time to spend on this and I ripped out all of the 'static T foo;' parts from functions in et al and made it a private member of the class. All instantiation code then went into a source file that was compiled separately and linked into octave as the very last object (by adding -lArrayInst.o after the libs in the makefile). The point here is to make sure that every instance is initialized _exactly once_ in the code.

This actually works! Well, for some part at least... some (most) of the undefinded symbols went away.
A log can be found on:
and the file on:

I'm pretty sure that this is the way to go but I can't get any further - all this is making my brain hurt! So maybe someone who is fluent in the use of C++ and templates can help out?

(I used octave 2.1.34 sources, gcc 2.95.2 and f2c)


Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

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