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help me with gnuplot please

From: Yury
Subject: help me with gnuplot please
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 16:39:28 +0400

hi i am a newcomer and sorry if offtopic.
the problem is as follows. i written to authors and's been followed here :-)

i need different linestypes, pointtypes of gnuplot controlled with commands 
like this
gnuplot>> plot sin(x) w l lt 0 pt 1
the problem is that the octave's analog which could be
octave> gplot sin_x with lines linetype 0
doesnt work...

we can 
octave> gset pointsize 3
but not much than this. moreover, there are userdefined "linestyles" in 
gnuplot, which could be defined in octave as
octave> gset linestyle 1 linetype 0 linewidth 3 pt 3 ps 4
but could be accessed only by
octave> gshow all
not by
octave> gplot

help me please to find the solution before i ran into c-code :-))

thanks a lot.

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