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gnuplot 3.7.1 & Octave 2.1.31 & Windows ME

From: Raymond J. Hawkins
Subject: gnuplot 3.7.1 & Octave 2.1.31 & Windows ME
Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2001 16:27:14 -0700


I am running Octave 2.1.31 and gnuplot 3.7.1 on Windows ME in the Cygwin
environment and cannot get the "plot" function to work.  Each
application seems otherwise to work just fine.  Whenever, when I use the
"plot" function in Octave I get the windows gnuplot GUI prompt (e.g. the
same thing that pops up of one invokes gnuplot from the command line).
This would seem to indicate that I am not calling gnuplot properly (i.e.
not getting gnuplot to read from stdin).  I would very much appreciate
some guidance on this point.



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