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From: Paolo Alexis Falcone
Subject: help!!!
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 22:49:32 +0800

I'm a fourth-year computer science student enrolled in the University of the 
Philippines. Unfortunately, only a few students here in the Manila campus are 
conversant with GNU/Linux, as they're more conversant with the RAD tools 
offered by Microsoft and 3rd parties implementing Windows. However things are 
about to change, especially with the adaptation of the local medical community 
(the UP Manila campus is primarily a medical institution) here in the campus as 
they are very active in the propagation of open source and free software due to 
its stability (and the ever-excuse of cutting costs).

I'm using RedHat Linux 7.0, with GCC 3.0 and the 2.4.6 kernel. I didn't 
encounter any problems when I configured octave-2.0.16. However, the problem 
arose when I was trying to build it. I'm trying to fix the error by resolving 
namespaces (from string to std::string) and library calls (from <complex> to 
<complex.h>) but it still wouldn't build? How do I do this in a much simpler 
way? Or do I need to downgrade my compiler?

I already don't use Windows (save for this free e-mail program that doesn't 
need an ISP)  and instead I use GNU/Linux and open source/free software. I 
don't have enough money to buy a copy of MATLAB, so please, help!

Anyway, thanks!


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