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Problem with fread

From: Tom Makovicka
Subject: Problem with fread
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 17:23:35 -0400

With Octave (version 2.1.31 ) I'm having problems getting the following statements to read more then 80 items from a file.
fp = fopen("d:/audio/Me_1to5.raw","r")
The file has over 40 k samples of speech.
I can plot the data and get a plot of only 80 samples.  The data looks correct.
The statement, length(data) , shows 80.
If I change the fread statement to:
I get 40000 samples but they are all zero values which is not what is in the file.
This is on a Dell PC with Windows98.
Any recommendations?
Thank you!

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