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Mac OSX status (was: Re: Some questions)

From: Per Persson
Subject: Mac OSX status (was: Re: Some questions)
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 10:41:33 +0200


I gave it a fair shot a while ago and Octave compiles under OSX using f2c, but it won't link. There are problems with template functions (see info below). OpenOffice ( has the same issues and have some info on how to work around it. I won't have time to work on Octave for OSX until after the summer and I think that by that time there will be a gcc 3.0 solving the problems;-)

There's been some work on it, but no success reported yet.  Things that
are (sort of) in place: X-windows support, either through Tenon's X-tools or by installing XFree86, possibly with some wrappers for an Aqua interface such as Xvnc. I compiled gnuplot out-of-the-box under Xtools, so that's there.

Another approach would be to write a native (Cocoa) graphics terminal driver for gnuplot. It's fairly easy;-) Have a look at openstep.trm/next.trm in gnuplot sources. If anyone is interested in working on this I have some code to get you started. Mail me!

The obvoious advantage is that XFree86/XTools won't be neccessary.

I haven't tried using f2c in place of g77 on OS X; that may be an interim

It works!


------------ Info from apple on the subject -----------------
Turly at apple dot com wrote:

To avoid duplicated code, OS X gcc "coalesces" certain functions, chief among them template funcs. The idea is to allow multiple copies of these functions which the linker then "coalesces" into one. Unfortunately, there's a bug in the shipping compiler which breaks in the case of '-fno-implicit-templates'. So you might want to try compiling without that switch.

Alternatively (and additionally, if you want :-), you might want to try compiling with "-fno-coalesce".

We are working to fix this bug but obviously I can't say when a new version of the compiler will be released (don't hold your breath.)

Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

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