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Re: I need help compiling on Mandrake 8.0

From: Thomas Hoffmann
Subject: Re: I need help compiling on Mandrake 8.0
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 09:23:48 +0200 (METDST)

> Hi all
> Thanks so much for the quick help - yes it was libz - suddenly both octave 
> and wine could compile, but neither of their configure's spotted the problem 

IF Octave does not need libz (neither directly or indirectly) 
AND the configure script for building Octave fails because of a missing libz
THEN this configure script is BROKEN.

I think we should not get used to this and just fiddle a bit here and there 
it works anyway. Even the inherent unixisms should (and can) be ironed out 
"executables have no extensions", "the path separator is :"). But that's a bit
OT now, I admit.

Thomas Hoffmann, Institut fuer Halbleiter- und Mikrosystemtechnik, TU Dresden 
E-mail: address@hidden

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