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cannot add hdf5 to octave 2.1.33

From: Al Niessner
Subject: cannot add hdf5 to octave 2.1.33
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2001 18:01:01 -0700

So, trying to save a structure is becoming more and more difficult. As
posted earlier, I was not able to save using '-mat-binary' because of a
range error. So I decided to try hdf5, but I received a not linked into
octave error. So, I went and got HDF5 1.4.0 and I cannot get octave to
build with it. It finds the library but cannot find 'hdf5.h'. I looked
at the include directory that HDF5 made and it contains a bunch of
headers all starting with H5. No 'hdf5.h'.  I then searched my
octave-2.1.33 and octave-2.0.16 trees looking for it. Nowhere to be

All this leads to two possibilities:

1) HDF5 is not installed correctly or they decided to change all the
header names.
2) 'hdf5.h' is supposed to come with octave and is for some reason

I am betting on the name changes. Does anyone know for sure? I am more
than happy to fix it, but I would like to fix the right problem.

Al Niessner

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