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fsolve tolerance

From: Jonathan Drews
Subject: fsolve tolerance
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2001 23:53:12 -0500


 I am solving tan(x) - x and want to set a closer toleance. I try to set 
fsolve_options and I see:

octave:4> fsolve_options

*** fsolve_options:

fsolve_options (KEYWORD, VALUE)

Set or show options for fsolve.  Keywords may be abbreviated
to the shortest match.
Options for fsolve include:
  keyword                                  value
  -------                                  -----
  tolerance                                1.49012e-08 

when I do fsolve(tolerance,1.0e-10) I get:

octave:5> fsolve(tolerance,1.0e-10)
error: `tolerance' undefined near line 5 column 8
error: evaluating expression near line 5, column 8
error: evaluating argument list element number 1
error: evaluating index expression near line 5, column 1  

 What am I doing wrong? TIA.

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