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Unidentified subject!

From: etienne grossmann
Subject: Unidentified subject!
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 11:36:29 +0100 (WEST)


#  From: address@hidden
#  Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 12:18:08 +0200
#  Hi,
#  I am looking for a method to plot a curve in 3-dimensions in octave
#  (and then print the file). I have the (xyz)-co-ordinates of N
#  points on the curve in the form of three vectors xval, yval and
#  zval, each with N elements.

  It might be an overkill, but you could generate vrml code and pass
it to a vrml viewer. I have some vrml-generating functions that can do
that, if you like.  Choosing a good viewpoint is then very easy.

#  It's also not clear to me how to annotate the axes, change the
#  viewpoint of the plot etc. Do you have some idea on how to do this
#  ?

  But I don't have anything to generate vrml text.

#  Regards,
#  Constantine Frangos.

  Regards too,


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