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Re: use Octave for other project...

From: Ben Sapp
Subject: Re: use Octave for other project...
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2000 08:18:10 -0600

Herman Bruyninckx wrote:
> I'm looking into the opportunity of using the numerical capabilities of
> octave in a new open source project (for robot control). How easy would it
> be to use octave as a ``library'' for a new project? I guess the license
> then _has_ to be GPL, just as Octave itself?

It does not seem to be difficult at all.   A number of people have done
it.   Look at the help-octave mailing list archive for 2000.   It is
discussed May 3, April 17,  and February 7.  
It was probably discussed in  the 1999 archive also.  Basically it comes
down to the fact that you need to link with a few libraries.    

I have no comment on scilab as I have never done any thing other than
run the demos.  

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