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How can a script tell if it's running on Octave or Matlab?

From: ldoolitt
Subject: How can a script tell if it's running on Octave or Matlab?
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 11:22:09 -0400 (EDT)

I want to make a script run on both Octave and Matlab.  Mostly
this involves simply using the common subset of the language,
e.g., only % comments, no short circuit logical operators, etc.
I do want to make a plot or two, and I think that is best done
with conditional code.  So the question is, what conditional can
I use to choose?

One way might be to use the version, and guess that major version
4 or 5 is Matlab, major version 2 is Octave.  Along the way, I found
a difference in the default behavior of the str2num function.  Will
this be stable?

I ran the following on Matlab and  Octave:
 va=str2num(strrep(version,'.',' '))

Matlab (extraneous vertical space deleted):
v =
vn = 5.1000         0    0.4210
running_under_octave = 0
va = 5     1     0   421
running_under_octave = 0

Octave (somewhat less extraneous vertical space deleted):
v = 2.0.13
vn = [](0x0)
running_under_octave = 1
va = 2   0  13
running_under_octave = 1

Comments?  Better ideas?  I'm all ears!

         - Larry Doolittle   <address@hidden>

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