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Disturbance Responce for a simple control system

From: Hiroshi Shinozawa
Subject: Disturbance Responce for a simple control system
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 13:47:54 +0900

I think about the following Feedback Loop

DISTURBANCE -----------------------
STEP INPUT --->O---->|Controller|--O--|Process|--O---> OUTPUT
               |                                 |
I know Step Input Responce is easily calculated by OCST 
"step" function.
But I don't know how to calculate the Step Disturbance

I use "lsode" function to simulate a step disturbance
responce as well as a step input reponce.
I am searching a simple function like OCST "step" to 
simulate step disturbance respponce.
Advise me please. 
YHC TC Phone 731-22535

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