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Re: Plotting many curves

From: Daniel Heiserer
Subject: Re: Plotting many curves
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 1998 08:48:20 +0200

> > These might be due to the way octave interacts with gnuplot - but I can't
> > believe the famous gnu philosophy could coexists with such strict
> > limitations.
> the problem is with gnuplot.  despite the name, gnuplot is *not* a GNU
> software, nor does it fall under the GPL.  gnuplot's license is
> awkward and stupid.
> since gnuplot has such a retarded license, reworked binaries cannot be
> distributed making octave on NT somewhat less smooth than one could
> hope.  also gnuplot cannot be integrated into octave where it would
> better belong as a library rather than a stand-alone.
> i am all for getting rid of the gnuplot albatross and using a GPL
> graphics library.  is this a direction we want to head in?  what do
> others think?

as far as I use octave, gnuplot is the real bootleneck. The most simple
commands are available, anyway. But you can't do any high-end, or lets
say more customized, graphics you often need, unless you are a
gnuplot-wizard and like to play all the time with pipes and whatever. I
always have to switch to matlab for these reasons. I don't think that it
would be impossible to integrate better graphics, but if you say the
gnuplot license is too strict, it cannot be done with gnuplot. Are there
any alternatives promising a much better integration?
I would appreciate something which has also viewing capacity:

What I would like is an integrated viewer for FINITE ELEMENTS being able
to rotate 500000 triangles with 10 frames in a second. (The required
machine should NOT be a monster ONYX).
Does anybody know a GPL tool that could be integrated?

Anyway octave is an excellent tool and the plot stuff with gnuplot
works. Changing it may require some time.


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