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Re: Octave version of Matlab RREF???

From: John Day
Subject: Re: Octave version of Matlab RREF???
Date: Sat, 05 Sep 1998 08:58:32 -0400


rref.m is included in Joel Robbin's public domain MINIMAT
("MiniMATLAB") which you can find at:

Here's the README blurb: (Hope this helps. Best regards -jday).

* The program MINIMAT is in the public domain and may be   *
* distributed freely and used for any educational purpose. *
* The only restriction placed on its use is that it should *
* not be resold for profit without the permission of  its  *
* author Joel W. Robbin.                                   *

  Here are the files on this disk:

  MINIMAT.EXE    The MINIMAT program.  Run it from DOS.

  MINIMAT.HLP    An ordinary ascii text file which can be viewed
                 from MINIMAT using the  help  command.

  MINIMAT.ERR    Another ordinary ascii text file explaining
                 error messages.

  READ.ME       This file.

  MMLOGIN.M      A .m batch file written in the MATLAB programming
                 language which (if present in the default
                 directory or in a directory named on the command
                 line which invoked MINIMAT) is executed automatically
                 when MINIMAT begins.

  MMDEMO.M       A .m batch file demonstrating some of MINIMAT's
                 capabilities.  (Invoke it by typing  mmdemo  at
                 the  #> prompt.)

  (All the remaining files are .m function files. TYPE them
  from MINIMAT to see how to invoke them.)

  RREF.M         The Reduced Row Echelon Form.
  RREFMUL.M      RREF and the MULtiplier.
  BED.M          The Bi-Equivalence  Decomposition.
  RBASIS. M      A BASIS matrix for the Range.
  NBASIS.M       A BASIS matrix for the Null space
  SOLVE.M        Ditto. Uses RREF.M instead of BED.M
  RANDSOLN.M     A RANDom SOLutioN of A*X=0.

  NEXT.M         The NEXT permutation in lexicographical order.
  SIGNUM.M       The SIGNUM of a permutation.
  PERMINV.M      The INVerse of a PERMutation.
  ADJ.M          The ADJoint matrix.
  SOURFRAM.M     The SOURiau-FRAMe algorithm for the characteristic polynomial.
  COMPAN.M       The COMPanion matrix.

  INTINV.M       A random INTeger matrix with integer INVerse
  RANDSUTR.M     A RANDom  Srictly Upper TRiangular matrix.

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