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Plotting many curves

From: Huaiyu Zhu
Subject: Plotting many curves
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 14:07:05 -0600 (MDT)

Here're a few oddities about plotting I've noticed.  There should be
better ways of doing them:

1. When using "plot" each curve generates a separate file /tmp/oct-*. 
This seems very inefficient, especially if I want many line segments, like

|  |   || |  |    |
|  |   || |  |    |

axis ([-4 4 0 2]);
x = randn(10,1); y = zeros(size(x));

2. How to remove all the legends?  (Someone might have posted the answer a
short while a ago but I did not save it.)  How to make all the curves
solid lines?

3. It also seems that I can't draw more than 24 lines in this way (because
the legends would be out of page?).  In matlab I routinely draw thousands
of lines.

These might be due to the way octave interacts with gnuplot - but I can't
believe the famous gnu philosophy could coexists with such strict

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