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linewidth with gnuplot

From: Andy Adler
Subject: linewidth with gnuplot
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 23:13:57 -0400 (EDT)

Hi all,

Last year I asked how to adjust the linewidth with gnuplot from octave
on this list. I finally figured out an easy way to get it without
fiddling with octave sources.

I figured I'd share it with any who were interested

create a file /tmp/jnk
with contents
   address@hidden /tmp]$ cat /tmp/jnk
   0 0                                 


from octave to 
octave> gnuplot_command_with ='w lines lw 4, "/tmp/jnk" notitle w '

where 4 is the linewidth in this example

now when you use
plot(1:5,'-'), octave issues the gnuplot command
   pl "/tmp/oct-21216Jua" t "line 1" w lines lw 4, "/tmp/jnk" notitle w asdf  

rather than the normal
   pl "/tmp/oct-21216Jua" t "line 1" w lines  

when the default
octave> gnuplot_command_with ='w'


(You have to create the /tmp/jnk plot file so that the gnuplot command is
complete with the new gnuplot_command_with.

I tried playing with gnuplot_command_end, but that changes all 
gnuplot commands, and couldn't change the thickness of multiple lines
in any case

if anyone has a less ugly idea, I'd love to know abount it)

Andy Adler      | American Biometric Company  | Tel:(613)736-5100x154
address@hidden | 3429 Hawthorne Rd,Ottawa,ON | Fax:(613)736-1348

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