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RE: Classes for Matlab 5 files

From: Guido Dietz
Subject: RE: Classes for Matlab 5 files
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 13:47:15 +0200 (METDST)

On 22-May-98 Erich Schneider wrote:
> Someone in our institute has decoded parts of the new Matlab 5 file
> format and written two classes for reading and writing these files. I
> send these classes to the list in the hope that the ability for reading
> and writing Matlab 5 files will be included in a future release of
> Octave. Since I haven't tried the classes yet I cannot provide a
> guarantee that they will work correctly.
I had a look at the sources and this is just as comment for people who doesn't
speek German (and can't understand the comment lines):
As far as I can see:
- the code is only able to treat "INTEL" i.e. little-endian files.
- it cannot handle sparse or complex matrices
- I cannot find any hints that structs are handled
- if it can handle n-dim arrays these would be deducted to 2-dim arrays in file
  storage. (same could have happened to structs)

Couldn't you persuade "Someone" to give you more infos about the features of
this routines and what he really decoded. The most of what I saw is very
similar to the old format: Thus, where are the diffs?


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