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Re: Intxlogy function?

From: Martin Holz
Subject: Re: Intxlogy function?
Date: 07 Dec 1997 15:28:27 +0100

Hi Pietro,
I did not find 'intxlogy' in MATLAB v4.2c or v5.0. Maybe it is part of
a toolbox, but I think it is a custom function. What did 'help intxlogy'
from the MATLAB and Octave prompt tell you?

"Pietro F. Maggi" <address@hidden> writes:
> I'm converting a program for my thesis work from Matlab to Octave and I've 
> encountered a call to the INTXLOGY function, I've searched around with no 
> success so Can someone tell me what this function do and how to implement it
> in Octave?
> The piece of code of interest is
> for Nprob=1:length(prob),
>   y(Nprob)=intxlogy(Atcelx,Prcelx,prob(Nprob));
>   if (y(Nprob)<0) | (y(Nprob)>=1E+32),
>     y(Nprob)=0;
>   end;
> end;

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