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ANNOUNCE: octave-ci for Octave 2.0

From: Kurt Hornik
Subject: ANNOUNCE: octave-ci for Octave 2.0
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 11:43:38 +0100

The collection of our site's scripts for Octave (octave-ci) has now been
updated for Octave 2.0.

It is available at the URL

and should also eventually be integrated into the Octave Contrib Archive
collection at

The collection features our statistics `toolbox', functions for signal
processing and finance, and several other useful things such as our
versions of aload/asave.

Many of the scripts we have written have been moved into the Octave 2.x
distribution, and hence are no longer distributed by us.

Some of our functions need the `jybess' package by Eyal Doron which can
be found at the Contrib Archive.  Also, the `imagep' package by LA de
Waal contains further useful functions for signal/image processing.

There is no manual ... but the documentations for all functions should
be sufficient.  Use your favorite file browser to find out what is in
the collection.

To use, simply untar the contents to `octave-ci.tar.gz' in a directory
in Octave's LOADPATH path (such as /usr/local/lib/octave/site/m).

Comments, congratulations, donations etc are most welcome.

*          Kurt Hornik         *                                            *
*  Dept of Statistics TU Wien  * tel:    +43 (1) 58801-4542                 *
*  Wiedner Hauptstr 8-10/1071  * fax:    +43 (1) 504-1498                   *
*          A-1040 Wien         * email:  address@hidden        *
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