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Octave contributions now as tared and compressed

From: Oscar Marquez [GTS]
Subject: Octave contributions now as tared and compressed
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 1995 23:40:33 +0000 (WET)

Hi Octavers,

the m-files of the contributions are now available (additionaly) in
compressed form as follow:

   - Audio related functions                    audio.tar.gz    
   - Control Toolbox files                      control.tar.gz  
   - file handling functions                    filefun.tar.gz
   - Finance related functions                  finance.tar.gz
   - General purpose functions                  general.tar.gz
   - Linear algebra related functions           lalgebra.tar.gz
   - Miscellaneous                              misc.tar.gz             
   - Functions related to plotting              plot.tar.gz     
   - Polynomials related functions              polyfun.tar.gz  
   - Signal Processing related functions        signal.tar.gz   
   - Special functions                          specfun.tar.gz
   - Statistics functions                       statistics.tar.gz
   - String management functions                strfun.tar.gz   

I hoppe this help to speed the ftp's.


                        Signal Theory Group
                        University of Vigo

Web and ftp access:

   The list of octave contributions available in our ftp server 
 ( with brief description, 
 authors and their address.

   The archive can be achived via www at

   I recommend all authors to use a SHORT name (8 characteres maximum) 
 for the functions, to make it usable in the MSDOS version of octave.

   Please, send bug reports, contributions or suggestions to 


Oscar W. Marquez F.             Universidad de Vigo
address@hidden          ETSI de Telecomunicacion
Tel. ++34-86-812 133            Lagoas-Marcosende 
Fax. ++34-86-812 116            E-36280 Vigo - Spain

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