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Re: Memory usage?

From: John Eaton
Subject: Re: Memory usage?
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 1995 18:49:58 -0500

Tony Roberts <address@hidden> wrote:

: I did not report it
: at the time because I could not get it to occur out of the context of
: my program!  I would certainly like the problem fixed though.

Although reporting problems does not guarantee a fix, not reporting
them makes it much more likely that they will go unnoticed.

It is helpful (but not necessary) to provide short and simple examples
that demonstrate the bug.  What *is* necessary is an exact description
of the problem so that I can reproduce it.  Usually this means
providing all the functions required to run the test case and a list
of any variable settings (like do_fortran_indexing = "true", etc.)
that you have when you run the code.  The list of variable settings is
necessary because it may be that the bug only shows up if certain
variables are set, and there are too many combinations for me to guess
the ones you may be using.  You can get a list of all the current
settings using the function dump_prefs.  (The bug_report function uses
dump_prefs when it creates the template for a bug report.)



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