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finite() and logb() declarations

From: Neal Becker
Subject: finite() and logb() declarations
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 94 09:03 EST

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Jones <address@hidden> writes:

    Steve> Building Octive 1.0 on HP-UX with gcc/g++,
    Steve> ./bsd-math/log1p.c declares:

    Steve> extern double scalb(), copysign(), logb(), finite(),
    Steve> log__L();

    Steve> While gcc's math.h says:

    Steve>      extern int finite(double); extern int finitef(float);
    Steve> extern int finite(); extern int logb(double); extern int
    Steve> logb();

    Steve> How do you recommend I proceed?

    Steve> Thanks...

Strange.  I built octave-1.0 on hpux with gcc-2.5.8.u5 with not
problem at all.

Oh now I see.  log1p.c should NOT BE COMPILED!  If you have hpux9.01
then you already have all these functions.  If octave is trying to
autodetect them it may fail.  This is a common problem on hpux, these
new math functions are not in the usual math library.

They are in /lib/pa1.1/libm.

I strongly recommend that you put


in your environment.  Always!

The problem is that hp's cc (and also gcc) know about this, but
/bin/ld doesn't!

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