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finite() and logb() declarations

From: Steve Jones
Subject: finite() and logb() declarations
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 94 08:05:56 EST

Building Octive 1.0 on HP-UX with gcc/g++,

./bsd-math/log1p.c declares:

extern double scalb(), copysign(), logb(), finite(), log__L();

While gcc's math.h says:

     extern int    finite(double);
     extern int    finitef(float);
     extern int    finite();
     extern int    logb(double);
     extern int    logb();

How do you recommend I proceed?


 *      Steve Jones
 *      Tools and Procedures Group - QA Dept.
 *      address@hidden
 *      Swanson Analysis Systems, Inc.
 *      Phone: (412) 746-330
 *      FAX: (412) 746-9494

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