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Octave version 0.82 released

From: John Eaton
Subject: Octave version 0.82 released
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 94 04:33:44 CST

Octave version 0.82 is now available for ftp from
in the directory /pub/octave.  Gzipped tar files are available, as are
diffs relative to version 0.81.

Binaries for SPARCstation, DECstation, DEC Alpha/OSF, and IBM RS/6000
systems are also available.

The DEC Alpha binary distribution was created by translating the
DECstation binary with DECmigrate.  Once the GNU C++ compiler works on
the Alpha we will begin distributing binaries compiled on the Alpha
instead of distributing mx-translated binaries.  (If anyone knows of
patches to make g++ work on the Alpha, please contact me.)

Binaries for other systems will be made available as time permits, or
as others make them available to us.  If you would like help out by
making binaries available for other systems, please contact

For version 0.82, you must have the GNU C++ compiler (gcc) version
2.5.6 or later to compile Octave.

Summary of changes for version 0.82:

  * Octave now comes with a reference card.

  * The manual has been improved, but more work remains to be done.
    Any comments on the organization or content of the manual would be
    greatly appreciated.

  * The atanh function now works for complex arguments.

  * The asin, acos, acosh, and atanh functions now work properly when
    given real-valued arguments that produce complex results.

  * SEEK_SET, SEEK_CUR, and SEEK_END are now constants.

  * The `using' qualifier now works with gplot and gsplot when the
    data to plot is coming directly from a file.

  * The strcmp function now works correctly for empty strings.

  * Eliminated bogus parse error for M-files that don't end with `end'
    or `endfunction'.

  * For empty matrices with one nonzero dimension, the +, -, .*, and
    ./ operators now correctly preserve the dimension.

  * Octave no longer crashes if you type ^D at the beginning of a line
    in the middle of defining a loop or if statement.

  * On AIX systems, back off on indexing DiagArray via Proxy class to
    avoid gcc (or possibly AIX assembler?) bug. 

  * Various other bug and portability fixes.

John W. Eaton      | Among other things, we have added the missing semicolon.
address@hidden |                   -- Jim Blandy, announcing Emacs 19.15.

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