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Re[2]: Hello, I decided to write!

From: Marika
Subject: Re[2]: Hello, I decided to write!
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 20:41:47 +0300

Hello, Mathias
I am young and attractive woman and I believe I deserve for happiness as any 
human being. What do you think is the
most important in this life? I believe you'll agree with me that LOVE is what 
we all are looking for……
I am eager to make my man happy, I am longing for the cozy evenings together 
where we cuddle on the sofa and whisper tender words... 
I have a lot of interests in life like reading, cooking, associating with 
friends, visiting new places and learn everything new.
If you are looking for the same things, I hope you answer my letter


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