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diving board

From: Rosalie Potts
Subject: diving board
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 19:21:29 +0400
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In whatever equation you have created for happiness, please put yourself there, because otherwise it will mean nothing.
What is your safety net?
There are so many books written, some just to criticize other books. If you want, you can experience that in your life. The challenge is to be in peace in the middle of all the turmoil. The entire world is telling us what we do not have. Grow with it every day. And the integrity of the building actually relies on the integrity of those far smaller components. For that, I will give you the seed. Do you need to eat only once, as well?
It is extremely important to nurture in your life what you hold precious.
Freedom is being able to say thank you that you are alive.
Understand every day that there is a beauty that I can fill myself with today.
I invite only those who are thirsty. You have to sleep every night.
If you nurture joy, your fields will be filled with joy. For the first time, when people in Bantoli wake up in the morning, they are assured of having a hot meal and are able to focus on taking care of their families.
The next dream will be much bigger, more spectacular. It is like a person who is thirsty, goes to a well with flowers around it, plucks the flowers, and goes back. But today, people have complicated things so much that nobody knows what peace is.
Or does it rest on assumption after assumption?
There is no limit to truest learning.
Somehow, this person was created and given the ability to feel.
The challenge is to be in peace in the middle of all the turmoil.
The joy, the love, the feeling, the understanding, is truly possible in your life.
Seventy-five percent of the women are underweight, which in turn leads to increased mortality in childbirth. There will be someone who will try to define what truth is.
Do you need to eat only once, as well? If you think you are poor, there is a goldmine of joy within you. Some people like that.
All you have to do is open this heart and let it in.
This is where I have the opportunity to build my house in which I can be content.

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