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junkie ice

From: August Sloan
Subject: junkie ice
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 20:13:03 +0800
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But what an honor to be part of this extraordinary event! Team Iowa won several medals in swimming today.
It was the only event over the four days that allowed donors and supporters to participate.
Unfortunately, I had forgotten my pins at our hotel. As we were walking out, I heard a woman ask one of the valets where the Galt was. For a while we sat in the cafe at Borders and read the Louisville Courier-Journal. Then we stood and waited to have our picture taken with the other donors, and we stood and waited to hear when we would march into the arena for the ceremony. Our team was escorted to a staging area the size of two football fields.
The floodgates have opened. How can you know when a crush has moved beyond lust and in to the realm of love? Since we were headed for the same place, we waited for her and her husband and walked together.
The floodgates have opened. Emceed by Ken Howard, the room was filled with several hundred people, about a third of whom were living donors. They came away with the gold. The information desk about half a hotel away said noone had turned them in. She also had a wonderful time on the water slides. That's not self promotion, it's fact.
doesn't seem possible that the days were gone that fast.
Are your relationships filled with peaceful bliss or dramatic turmoil? But who owns the work you share? The teams were escorted into the arena first.
Sure, you can start a blog or put up a wiki and invite your volunteers to start editing your outreach materials. The main thrust of the meeting was that more information needs to be disseminated so that more people are more aware that organ donation today is NOT the immensely risky procedure that it used to be.
Who is hosting this glut of independently produced media, and whose agendas do they serve? About a minute later, I realized I didn't have them, so we returned to the registration area.
Team Iowa won several medals in swimming today.
Team Iowa won several medals in swimming today. This is an effective way of making sure that everyone you invite to view your presentation will be able to do so, whether they are on a Windows PC or a Mac.
We boarded shuttle buses to take us there. We stayed in the car to avoid the rain.
I'm the Humanitarian Donor. Do you live for the thrill of a good battle or the comfort. But the price of that privledge can be high.
But whatever's not in there, we'll do without. Do I have everything?
I didn't mention that Team Kentucky was there with us most of the time.
Our team was escorted to a staging area the size of two football fields.

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