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From: Isabel Neely
Subject: downstream
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 16:52:28 +0900
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Ask him and he'll tell you he wants them all.
Subject ended last season by uncharacteristically choking on two free throws against the Cleveland Cavaliers after playing LeBron James to a standstill for six games. I'll pay attention, stay in shape as much as I can.
Ben Gordon is a fourth-quarter player.
I have to think: How many fouls does Shaq have?
You do not have to renew your team's contract at this moment; I just need to know your intentions. And I'm not gonna come out.
You put them in a situation and see how they act. I don't know those cities.
He grabs the new releases first, two and three at a time, piling them against his chest like a stack of library books. But that just means that someone is stabbing me in the back.
I'll watch what's happening. I've been asking people. I'm gonna stay and do sit-ups or jumping jacks. It's just water all out there.
And I'm not gonna come out. What do you think that means?
Riding Jet Skis, lying on floats out there in the waves.
Later, from a full four paces farther back, he makes fourteen in a row. He was already ahead of the curve, his coach said, picking everything up quicker than most new guys would.
I'm ready to get dirty.

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