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disinfect rock and roll

From: Sylvester Conway
Subject: disinfect rock and roll
Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2006 20:42:43 +0300
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But LTC Loud, was never ever the same again.
Went back to my spare laptop - the one I had in Iraq - and am working and writing off that one. I'm talking about everyone who has the most glancing, the most casual, the most informal, knowledge about the military.
Many of the Iraqi bloggers are also less vocal than usual.
One thing though that really bothered me today is his tone of voice. Those terror suspects turned out to be members of the Badr organization whose leader is Abdul Aziz al-Hakeem. McAfee got rid of some of it, but there are some Spyware and other crap programs that even an updated McAfee couldn't get rid of.
I love the tab feature - I think it will save me a lot of time once I get used to using it, and I can't believe MSFT hasn't adopted something so obvious and convenient.
On multiple deadlines. They asked about his name and where he was taken from. pray for them and for all those who are missing. They dont care if youre muslim or not.
a long long time for him to be able to flash that cute smile of his and laugh.
He has a unique, lovable writing style: sarcastic, critical and funny.
No one was injured thankfully but from the pictures he showed us.
Disposal, especially in a non-centralized faculty, is obviously a total waste of money.
I was shocked, when we first moved to that compound.
On multiple deadlines. There is no shortage of material there! I have taken the liberty to segment it and tried my best to retain the original flavor but I cannot do that with the style. Ofcourse ransom money was already paid.
When given the details of H, they simply said we will check around and come back to you.
Their car had bullet holes all over. That Sullivan even tries to do so evinces a moral dysfunction bordering on degeneracy.
Oh and not to forget to mention that he is from where else but my favourate.
She tried everything, she even asked a guy who has connections with the Sadr militia to help her out. Prime Minister, well know now that those death gangs are no longer 'secret death squads' as the media are fond of calling them.
However, over the past three weeks he has written three essays.
How do those criminals move and do their deeds and how do they spread death in the streets in such cold blood?

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