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backspace key code problem

From: stefan
Subject: backspace key code problem
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 17:51:43 +0100
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Hello there, 

In my program I have a save dialog where I require
the user to enter a filename.

I used wgetnstr() to read the user's input, but when entering
the filename, one cannot use the backspace key to delete characters
to correct typos. Hitting backspace only results in a question mark in the

I browsed the source of wgetnstr() and it _does_ check for
KEY_BACKSPACE and calls a function to clear the last character in case
it was pressed.

getch() returns 8 for my backspace key, but KEY_BACKSPACE is defined as 263.

The left arrow key does a proper job of clearing the last character.
KEY_LEFT is defined as 260, getch() says my left arrow key is 27.

I am using the standard US keyboard layout and Ncurses 5.0, the one
that comes with Debian Woody.

Any ideas?


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