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Using Ncurses5.0 with Cygwin 1.1.4

From: Aaron P. Krause
Subject: Using Ncurses5.0 with Cygwin 1.1.4
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 12:56:46 -0500


I am relatively new to both Cygwin and ncurses and could use 
some help/advice (FYI- I do have a fair amount of Unix background)

I have configure'd and built ncurses 5.0 using Cygwin 1.1.4
on my NT 4.0 workstation. Everything built fine (no problems 
whatsoever).  However, when I run applications from the test 
directory, much of the screen is garbage.  I initially suspected 
a problem with the terminfo entry (perhaps with cygwin rmacs/smacs), 
but have not solved it.  I have tried downloading a good/known
terminfo entry from various websites (
for one), but have the same result.  I have the same screen
rendering problems when logging in via a VT emulator
and running the same test application.  (I also tried copying a
good/known vt100 entry from a unix box and tic'd it.  Same result)
I have also tried building ncurses with --enable-termcap and 
--disable-termcap.  Same result for both.

The specific test applications I am running are the $NCURSE_TOP/test/knight
$NCURSES_TOP/test/gdc and $NCURSES_TOP/c++/demo.  All of these 
fail to display line graphics correctly.  The test applications
that rely only on positioning and so forth, seem to work ok.  The test 
applications like "rain" work fine.  In using the $NCURSES_TOP/test/ncurses
program to check individual terminfo capabilities, only the "display ACS
characters" is a problem (again the behavior is consistent from both 
the bash window and the VT emulator).

Any insight you can provide is greatly appreciated.  Also, can you
point me toward any sources with more information on ncurses and/or
cygwin?  I have checked the redhat home page, but have found very
limited info ncurses.  The gnu postings for help-ncurses only had
the Sept archive, and 1 posting (junk mail, no less).

Thanks for your help in advance
Aaron P. Krause

Aaron P. Krause
SupplyTrends Software Corp.
PO Box 44
Pewaukee, WI 53072-0044

Voice:  (262) 970-0841
Fax:    (262) 970-0842

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