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Which compile-time option breaks "window resize tolerance"?

From: Jaime
Subject: Which compile-time option breaks "window resize tolerance"?
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2023 15:54:26 +0100

I use nano on openwrt, and when I choose openwrt's default nano
package, nano does not "gracefully handle" window resizing (shrinking
the ssh terminal window then enlarging the window leaves me with a
black nano window, and ctrl-L does not redraw the nano screen.)

If, instead of choosing openwrt's default nano package, I choose
either openwrt's nano-plus package or openwrt's nano-full package,
then nano *does* "gracefully handle" window resizing.

AFAICT (looking at,
the only difference between openwrt's 3 nano packages is the set of
compile-time options that is used to compile each package. I have
installed each of the 3 variants (nano, nano-plus and nano-full) one
at a time, and run "nano -V" to verify what compile-time options are
used for each variant:

nano: --enable-tiny --enable-linenumbers --disable-nls --disable-utf8

nano-plus: --disable-browser --disable-color --disable-comment
--disable-extra --disable-formatter --disable-histories
--disable-justify --disable-libmagic --disable-linter --disable-mouse
--disable-operatingdir --disable-speller --disable-tabcomp
--disable-wordcomp --disable-nls --enable-utf8

nano-full: --disable-extra --disable-libmagic --disable-nls --enable-utf8

Looking at these 3 lists of compile-time options, it seems to me that
it must be --disable-utf8 / --enable-utf8 which is causing nano's
"inability" to "gracefully handle" window resizing in openwrt's base

Can anyone please confirm or refute/rebut my assertion? TIA, jt

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