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Re: [Help-nano] Nano Clone

From: Eitan Adler
Subject: Re: [Help-nano] Nano Clone
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2012 09:59:32 -0400

On 3 September 2012 08:35, Joshua Beck <address@hidden> wrote:
> Would it be okay to create a program that is very similar in functionality to
> Nano but released under a closed source licence, written in another
> programming language using none of the original source code for
> an operating system that does not have a Nano port?


nano is itself a clone of pico, so there is nothing wrong with clones
per se. However, nano is released under a restrictive open source
license: the GPL. This requires that if you wanted to use nano's
source code and *distribute* it, you would be required to make the
source code available. If you didn't use nano's source code you would
be able to release it under a more free license or even under a closed
source license.

One might question what value you gain from making it closed source though.

Eitan Adler

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